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Current station is an Elecraft K Line of K3, P3, SP3, KPA500, KAT500, Expert Amps 1.3K-FA.

Keys include:

  • Begali HST sideswiper
  • Begali Graciella paddle
  • Begali Stealth limited edition paddle
  • Navy Flameproof straight key
  • Vibroplex Original bug
  • LTA sideswiper
  • West Mountain Radio CW Touch Keyer
  • garden variety straight key
  • homebrew hacksaw blade sideswiper

I will be using one or more of these on a QSO with you...


  • JK Antenna 30-40
  • JK Antenna Mid Tri 20-15-10
  • JK Antenna WARC 12-17
  • Comet GP-9 for 2M
  • sloper for 80M

Tower is an 80 foot Valmont Microflect, painted with a direct-to-metal acrylic to match the house. After all, you contest better when your tower matches your house, right ?

Most recent addition to the Shack is a weather station - because we Hams love to talk about the weather at our QTH ! Davis Vantage Pro on the roof, with a 20 foot mast for the anemometer:

Davis Weather Station

August 2017

I also operate remote using the Remote Ham Radio service. I will always indicate the location from which I am transmitting, if a QTH is requested or required for an exchange.




K-Line from Elecraft.
Keys of various sorts.
Antennas in experiment mode.

Preparing to be a communicator in times of need.

Learning new skills and practicing known skills.